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for financial sustainability.

At Steinberg Inc., we believe that a structured financial strategy can go a long way to ensuring recurring successes and sustainable business growth.

Why would you choose Steinberg Inc.?

The mind of a business owner is always busy. With everything on your table, sometimes making the best decisions is not so straightforward. As your strategic business partner, we want to step in to make sure you make the right decisions using quality financial data, so that you can move towards sustainable growth and create a steadfast business.

Through Steinberg Inc., you have access to the highest quality advisory and advanced accounting and auditing practices, giving you a strategy that secures your financial sustainability.


Team Steinberg



Willem Steinberg, CA(SA)

B.Com (Accounting) Hons – RAU
Advanced Tax Certificate – UNISA

Willem Steinberg has over 30 years’ experience in the financial management industry and founded Steinberg Inc. in 1997. He was a former partner at KPMG, and is a stalwart of the local community, having served on school boards and the National Council of FEDSAS. He also serves as an independent Director of Neofresh.

Willem’s altruistic nature ensures that his clients experience a warm and authentic, yet direct and professional, relationship in their journey towards financial sustainability.



Lizette Vosloo, AGA(SA)

B.Compt – UNISA
B.Compt Hons – UNISA

Lizette Vosloo started her experience in financial management in 1989 as an article clerk for Wegner Muller & Grobler. While working, she completed her degrees at UNISA and co-founded Steinberg Inc. with Willem in 1997. She heads up the Malelane office.

Lizette is a people’s person who loves solving clients’ puzzles by piecing the parts together to form a cohesive whole. She works closely with article clerks in a mentorship capacity and spends time honing their skills. Small businesses and financial statements are Lizette’s strong suit. Her clients all benefit from her approach to work that seeks to keep on learning and developing (even though she has experience aplenty).



Leonie Kotze, CA(SA)

B.Com (Accounting) – Potchefstroom University
B.Com (Accounting) Hons – Potchefstroom University

Leonie Kotze is an industrious individual who completed her articles with KPMG Nelspruit and worked as an audit manager at Stabilis Auditors until 2011. She also served as Director at Van Den Berg & Kie Auditors from 2013 to 2016, before finding her home at Steinberg Inc. as a Partner from 2016.

Excellence and work ethic are just two qualities that encapsulate Leonie’s character. She is respected and trusted by her clients, who she serves with diligence and care. Her technical expertise is unmatched and leads the line in taxation and accounting. When not in the office, Leonie attends to her family, enjoying time spent with her husband and two children; often outside, doing something adventurous.



Gideon Botha, CA(SA)

B.Compt – UNISA
B.Compt Hons – UNISA

Gideon Botha is one of our audit partners at Steinberg Inc. He made quick work of his journey towards qualification as Chartered Accountant after commencing his articles in 2006 and qualifying as Chartered Accountant in 2009. He bought a small accounting firm in 2013 with Leonie Kotze, situated in Malelane, and registered with IRBA in the same year. Along with Leonie, he joined the Steinberg Inc. team in 2016.

Gideon manages Steinberg Inc.’s audit department and works closely with all sorts of clients, both in the private and public sectors. He believes in excellence and integrity to ensure that each client is treated with respect and receive the maximum benefit for their businesses.

van der Merwe


Joseph van der Merwe, CA(SA)

Degree – University of Pretoria (TUKS)
Hons – UNISA

Joseph established himself as an expert in the world of financial management after he completed his articles in 2014 at a medium-sized firm in Pretoria and qualified as a Chartered Accountant.

In 2015, Joseph exchanged the city life for Nelspruit, where he has his roots. He joined Steinberg Inc. at that time, registered with IRBA in 2016, and works as an Audit Partner at the firm. Joseph is also an active participant in the community where he is a member of the tennis club committee, fulfilling the role of  Treasurer since 2016.

Loyalty and sound values are the glue that binds our team to your best interests.

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