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Mag SARS ‘n derdeparty gebruik om my belasting in te vorder?

Beslissings in Suid-Afrikaanse howe vorm ‘n wesenlike bron van die wet. Die howe handhaaf die Grondwet en ontwikkel ‘n Gemenereg wat konsekwent is met die waardes van die Grondwet, sowel as die doel en gees van die Handves van Regte. Met betrekking tot belasting, dra die Hof deur hierdie beslissings by tot die manier waarop […]

Who qualifies for a special trust and how is it taxed?

Unlike “conventional trusts” that are taxed at a flat tax rate, a special trust is taxed on the same sliding scale applicable to natural persons. The Income Tax Act provides for two types of special trusts: a so-called type-A and type-B trust. In essence, a type-A trust is created for a person (or persons) having […]

Does it matter in which country you set up shop?

Many people who own business face a frustrating fate every year when the tax man comes a-knocking, as a large portion of their profit is taxed by the South African Revenue Service (SARS). Not only that, but businesses who trade internationally take the brunt of the burden for exchange rate conversions that further diminish their […]

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